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15 Minutes in Death Square

The Death Square Neve Sha'anan is located at the intersection of Arlinger and Payne Streets. As of 2020, it is estimated that almost half of the residents in Neve Sha'anan neighborhood are foreign workers and asylum seekers, since the end of the 20th century the area became a crime zone, also used as a meeting place for drug addicts, prostitutes and homeless. The Death Square got its nickname because of, drug addicts that were found dead in this square.


On august 2019, I sat in Death Square, on a single bench. I wanted to get to know  the surroundings, to map the neighborhood , but my mind was diverted, its so noisy and you cant ignore the smalls. I closed my eyes and started to use consciously the sense of smell. focusing and isolating, were my methods to deal with the space, While I was trying to distil the elements around me, the materials that the neighborhood is made of began to appear one after the other. I presented them in chronological order from right to left.

15 דקות תיעוד_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Medium: Installation

Materials: wood, glass test tubes, garbage, construction waste, cooked food, hookah tobacco, carcass, wall paint, alcohol, Coca-Cola.

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