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Maayan Mozes Platnic (1983, Tel Aviv) is a performance and video art artist engaged in the field of public art, her work explores the connection between the physical body and historical, political and cognitive public spaces. Mozes holds the master's degree in art: Public art and New strategies, from the Bauhaus University in Germany. Her works have been exhibited in various places around the world, performance and dance festivals, art exhibitions. Mozes was awarded for the DAAD Scholarship for outstanding artists on behalf of the State of Germany, Scholarship for Art and Social Involvement form is the Jerusalem Foundation, , and the winner of the Essential Bauhaus award from the Bauhaus University. In parallel with her artistic work, Moses is engaged in curatorship and pedagogy team in The Olympus program  in Libeling house, Tel Aviv

Artist Statement

I deal with the body, its forces and its relation with the legal authorities.

By placing my body or bodies in public situations, I try to confront the power which institutions have on us, rules and obedience to those rules.


I aim at taking back control over my body,

creating images of an empowered body and by that stretching the borders of what is permitted and what is not.

Since I was a child, I have dealt with training the body;

Strict ballet lessons, dancing, performing, being a soldier.

In my projects, I deal with a basic question that has always accompanied me; Is the way I train my body a product of my own desires, or is it dictated by some other will power?

My art is about power.  Who has the power to decide what we can or cannot do? And do I have the power to resist?

I use performance as an act of protest, by using physical strength,

but also my acts could come from world of meditation,

stillness, quietness, inner strength through focus and peace of mind and can refer to quiet protests and resistance from the past.

Foucault claims that power is a relationship, it is everywhere and everyone has it.  We cannot be released from it but we can react to it by offering a change or acting.  Because power is always present, resistance is a repetitive action.  This routine of resistance is for me the notion of freedom that is expressed in my art.

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