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Maayan Mozes Platnic (1983, Tel Aviv) is a performance and video art artist engaged in the field of public art, her work explores the connection between the physical body and historical, political and cognitive public spaces. Mozes holds the master's degree in art: Public art and New strategies, from the Bauhaus University in Germany. Her works have been exhibited in numerous venues such as Schiele Museum, Weimar, Tel-Aviv Museum, Gorki Theater,  Berlin, Liebling Haus, Tel aviv, Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem. Mozes was awarded for the DAAD Scholarship for outstanding artists on behalf of the State of Germany, Scholarship for Art and Social Involvement form is the Jerusalem Foundation, , and the winner of the Essential Bauhaus award from the Bauhaus University. In parallel with her artistic work, Moses is engaged in curatorship and pedagogy team in The Olympus program  in Libeling house, Tel Aviv.

Artist Statement

I deal with the body, its forces and its relation with the legal authorities.

By placing my body or bodies in public situations, I try to confront the power which institutions have on us, rules and obedience to those rules.

I aim at taking back control over my body,

creating images of an empowered body and by that stretching the borders of what is permitted and what is not.

Since I was a child, I have dealt with training the body;

Strict ballet lessons, dancing, performing, being a soldier.

In my projects, I deal with a basic question that has always accompanied me; Is the way    

I train my body a product of my own desires, or is it dictated by some other will power?

My art is about power.  Who has the power to decide what we can or cannot do? And do

I have the power to resist?

I use performance as an act of protest, by using physical strength,

but also my acts could come from world of meditation,

stillness, quietness, inner strength through focus and peace of mind and can refer to quiet protests and resistance from the past.

Foucault claims that power is a relationship, it is everywhere and everyone has it.  We cannot be released from it but we can react to it by offering a change or acting.  Because power is always present, resistance is a repetitive action.  This routine of resistance is for me the notion of freedom that is expressed in my art.





2017                  MFA Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus university, Weimar, Germany

2006 -2010       The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem

2006                  Intensive course SNDO Choreography and Movement, Amsterdam


Scholarship and Funds

2024                  Mifal Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts for the production of a new video artwork

2023                  Mifal Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts for the development of new residency 
                           Artists program

2022                  The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Artists’ Greenhouse for Excellence

2017                  Artist - Teacher, The Culture Ministry of Israel 

2014 - 2017      Education scholarship for excellence artists, DAAD Awards

2014                  Bauhaus Essentials Award for excellent art students of the Bauhaus university

2009                  Jerusalem Mayor's Award for Artistic Achievement

2008                  Award from the Jerusalem Foundation for Social engagement


Artist residency and conferences

2023                 Mandel Artists’ Greenhouse, Musrara - school of art and society, Jerusalem

2021                 Performance conference 09, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

2019                 Bauhaus agents conference, Weimar, Germany                                                                         2019                 Hagra, Neve Shaman, Tel Aviv

2014                 Bauhaus Eins, Weimar, Germany 



2024                The collection of city stories, a digital Exhibition, The City Museum, Tel aviv

2023                Resistances, Liebling House, Tel Aviv, curator: Sabrina Cegla

2023                ZUMU, Acco, curators: Maayan Shelf, Shahar Ben Nun

2022                Four Beats, The social gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem, Israel

2021                HEADSTAND, Amphi, Libeling house, Tel Aviv, curator: Eran Eizenhamer

2020                Raise the counter, Tel Aviv Municipality, curator: Mital Manor

2019                Schiller-Museum, Weimar, Germany 

                         I’m Home, The permanent exhibition, Libeling house, Tel Aviv, Israel

                        15 min’ in the death square, Hagra, Neve Shaanan, Tel Aviv, Israel 

                         Imaginary Bauhaus Museum , Gorki Theater, Berlin, Germany

2018                Imaginary Bauhaus Museum, Schiller-Museum, Weimar

2017                Berliner Herbstalon, Gorki Theater, Berlin, Germany

2016                I Say Art you Say What , PZB-Project Centrum Berlin, Germany

2015                Kunst Fest, Weimar , Germany

                         Bauhaus Essential, Weimar, Germany

                         Berliner Herbstalon, GORKI Theater, Berlin

2014                Open, O.M.A Art center, Weimar

2013                Epos, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel


Performance Art

2014                30 Seconds in the microwave A-janer, Tel Aviv

2013                Three different voices, Performance 0:2, Jerusalem

                         Sciences of happiness, Art-factory, Bat Yam

2012                Sciences of happiness, Experiment tools, Tel Aviv

                         Sentiments, Depends on the place, Tel Aviv 

2011                Range Zero, Intimadance, Tel-Aviv

2010                The Cohen Family , Akko Festival, Akko

                         Sentiments, The Women Festival, Holon

2009                Polyamory, Israel Festival, Jerusalem

2013                Street No 1, Depends on the place, Tel Aviv

2011                Amechaye, Jerusalem Season of Culture, Jerusalem

2009                Disqualified broadcast, The Visual Theater, Jerusalem

2008                Vacuum, Gerar Bahar Center, Jerusalem


Independent Initiatives

2024               Jaffa Program for art in the city 2 - Full year Fellowship program and residency Jaffa

2023               Jaffa Program for art in the city   - Residency in community Centers, Jaffa, Israel

2022               The Edge of the Mountain - Performance Art Exhibition, Liebling House, Tel Aviv, Israel                                           

2021               Action function - Performance Art Exhibition, Liebling House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2000               The Way - A social game for understanding professional processes.                                                                

2018              Diploma - Exhibition for youth, Mobi Museum, Bat -Yam, Israel

2017              Brothers, brothers, brothers - Art project with young prisoners, Weimar, Germany



Artistic management and Curation

2023              City Stories project, The city hall Museum, Curator, Tel Aviv

2021              residency program, Liebling House, Curator, Tel Aviv

2020              Art and Education Conference, Liebling House, Curator, Tel Aviv.                                                                                                                                

2014               Metropolis project, Curator, Tel Aviv

                        Art Factory- The Artists' Lab for New Urbanism, Artistic producer, Bat Yam

2012               World Press Photo, Producer, Israel 

                        A Different Stage, The National Lottery, Producer, Tel Aviv              

2011               Vertigo Dance Company, Producer, Jerusalem

                        Festival ZAZ, Producer, Tel Aviv

2009               New Spirit Organization, Curator, Jerusalem


Pedagogy and Education

2022-2024        Underneath the nose, Invention, development, and guidance a creative thinking                                            workshops in urban spaces, for kids

2020-2024        Olympus program, Initiating and pedagogical developing, Educational Program for                                      professional artists and creators. Liebling House, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020-2024        Zikuk, developing and mentoring -  a correspondence course for the development and                                expansion of the creative  toolbox, for professional artists.

2023                  Hila Program developing and mentoring course in creative thinking for teenagers  for                                Hila students- an alternative  education framework of the Ministry of Education, Israel

2023                  Hila Program, developing and mentoring course in video-performance art for teenagers’                            part of Hila  program - an alternative education framework of the Ministry of Education

2021                  Body and Space, a workshop about the connection between architecture and body,                                      MUZA, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

2021                  Performance in Public spaces, a course for adults, libeling House, Tel Aviv

2017-2020        Living in the city, development, writing  an annual curriculum for the 4th grade, the                                      connection between body and city,  Department of Education of the Elementary Schools                              Tel Aviv Municipality

2017-2020        Living in the city, teaching the program in 6 different elementary schools in Tel Aviv

2019                  A course Performance in Public spaces, Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem

2019                  Living in the world, pedagogical development and writing an annual curriculum for 1th                              grad,Introduction to concepts  in the world through Art, Actions and Performance Art

2018                  Education coordinator, Liebling House’s educational program, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017                  Public art, developing and mentoring an annual curriculum in public art for youth,                                        Ramot’ High School, Bat Yam, Israel

2016                  10 ways how to break down a wall, A lecture on the power of performance art, for art                                  students,  Bauhaus-Universität   Weimar, Germany

2015                  Performance classes in elementary schools, the Ministry for the Development and                                      Promotion of Live Art, Israel



Press\ Mirav Rahat

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