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30 seconds in the microwave

Artistic advisors, Kinert Haya Max,
Yair Vardi
Text, Avi Dangor,
Litghts, Adi Shimroni,
Stage design,Kineret Haya Max


The piece deals with typical Israeli behavior. The two performers trace these behaviors and reflect through physical and visual images Israeli behavioral ritual.

On the stage is a map of the Land of Israel, marked by electrical appliances that can be found in every home.

The electric appliances represent significant geographic landmarks, containing a collective political history.

On these points, the participants are flooded with personal memories that have mixed with the national memories.

Electric devices are used by the participants for essential elementary actions alongside critical grotesque actions

This piece is collaboration with Laura kirshenbum.  

30 שניות.jpg
30 שניות 2.jpg
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