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Brüder, Brüder, Brüder


Single video channel                                           Full HD,

3:43 min    

Brüder, Brüder, Brüder, is the last video in a series of three videos made in Weimar's old prison. It’s a four-chapter video of four young offenders who stayed in Weimar's old prison and with closeting down they were moved to a new place.

We meet in the prison which they familiar with, not long ago they were there, living their life, spending time. They aren’t strangers. I'm a stranger; we do not speak the same language.

I asked them to tell me why they were arrested. I asked them to tell me everything without words, using only the body. They shouldn’t be worried about me understanding them. I will understand,

I will understand.

We spent time together in the spaces of the abandoned prison. I wanted to be a part of them, like once when my brothers and I were doing nonsense, little things that are forbidden to do.

At the end of the shooting day they hugged together into a devout group and jumped in a circle according to their heart beats. I watched them turn and jump, and like in a movie  this image appeared in front of my eyes: my older brothers and I, galloping to privet orchard in a car with open windows, sending our arms to pick oranges from the trees.

I remember now what a great feeling of freedom we had while we were doing something wrong. Well, of course, because  this is my body, those are my choices, those are my arms and legs and eyes. that's why I’m the master of this freedom.

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