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Jaffa Art in the City Beit B'rakhat 

Residency and Education 

artistic directors :

Maayan Mozes Platnic 

Roni Raviv

2023 -2024

Jaffa Art in the City program in Beit B'rakhat,   was opened in January 2024

This project is a cycle 2 of the Artists' Residency program in community centers.

The Jaffa Art in the City program is a unique collaboration between two cultural organizations operating in Tel Aviv-Jaffa - Mishlama Yaffo and Beit Leibling. This is an artist residency program aimed at establishing Jaffa as a cultural center and offering an innovative framework for artistic and cultural activities that are centered around the urban environment and the vibrant community living in it. The program hosts local artists, enabling them to work significantly within Beit B'rakhat, which is an old well house intended to become an urban cultural center. The selected artists develop and deepen their artistic language and unique creative tools while conducting an in-depth exploration of the community and urban environment of Beit B'rakhat in Jaffa. The  participants are provided with workspace in Beit B'rakhat while receiving enriched content in the fields of urbanism, performance art, pedagogy, public art, and community-based art.

Artistic management and guidance development: Mayan Mozes Platnic and Roni Raviv

Management on behalf of Mishlama Yaffo: Lavi vaanunu

Management on behalf of Liebling house : Eran Eisenhammer

All Guest lecturers  are from Olympus school for artists.

in the sport of Mifal HaPais 

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