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Hila's Youth

Educational program for youth in Preformence art

The Hila's Youth program is a program of the Ministry of Education for youth who have dropped out of school. As part of the program, the young boys and girls receive educational support in order to complete 12 years of study. The studies mainly focus on core subjects such as mathematics, Hebrew, English, etc. As part of this program, I developed a semester course that deals with the development of creative thinking through concepts from the world of performance art. The course aims to touch the realms of imagination, activate it, and stimulate it. All of this is based on the understanding that reintroducing imagination into the lives of boys and girls provides tools for dealing with daily life, problem-solving, adaptation, and learning through curiosity.  

דימוי נוער הילה הוד השרון.jpeg
איתן 1.jpg
יונתן וערד.jpg
ערד על הראש.jpg
vus varui 5.JPG
הוד השרון 2.JPG
הוד  השרון 3.JPG
נוער הילה הוד השרון.JPG
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