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Underneath the Nose

Urban detective workshop for kids

concept and guidance: Maayan Mozes Platonic

How well do you know your neighborhood?

The city can be a huge playground if you just go out and play with it. Underneath the nose, is an urban workshop for kids that provides tools for observing, exploring, and acting in public spaces through adventures, new inventions, navigating with free imagination and full of creativity.

At the workshop, we will go out for urban adventures, just underneath our house, in the familiar streets and courtyards that we already know by heart and discover that there are other new places hiding right under our nose. We will play urban games, explore, find clues, solve puzzles, uncover secrets, collect materials, and find treasures. Finally, we create a map of the hidden places of our neighborhood and maybe we will change something small in the neighborhood or leave a new treasure in our own town .

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