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Edge of the mountain

 Performance - Event

Curator : Maayan Mozes

Liebling  house, Tel Aviv


Edge of the mountain, is a performance event that concludes the annual program "Mountain," a study program focused on the development of dance works and performances. In this year, 2023, the group meetings focused on attempting to define the minimum requirement that work needs in order to exist. The presented works stem from our attempts to reach the core, the moment of ultimate simplicity, where art exists without any external means apart from our bodies. All the works refer to the space in which they are located, using it both architecturally and in terms of the content it contains.

Program development, artistic guidance, and curating: Maayan Mozes Platinc

Artists participants  : Michal Levartovsky, Tommy Pearl, Stav Mandelbaum, Zlili Zeviel

סיום הר3.jpg
הר סיום 8.jpg
‎⁨הר  תומי סיום2⁩.jpg
WhatsApp Image צליל1.jpeg
סיום הר5.jpg
סתיו 2.jpg
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