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The Guthering

Zoomo, Aco

Performance- Game

Curator Maayan Sheleff


"ʼAsifaʼ or Gathering in English, is a performance work based on a technique of card game . The game is for a group, any group - a group that has never met before or one that has known each other for years. The game consists of questions and tasks and is timed by hourglasses, leading the participants to experience the present and imagine their future. Sometimes, the game is activated by a group of boys and girls, with whom Moses worked, and the audience becomes a kind of observer on the side. Other times, the audience can sit around the table and play themselves, stepping into the participants' shoes.


When the game is activated, the audience becomes part of a conversation that is not theirs and experiences the action of listening. The performative framing guides the participants to share their life experiences, sometimes intimately, contrary to the exposed space in which they become living museum exhibits. The distinction between the participants and the listeners serves as a tool where the audience is invited to consciously adopt a viewpoint of "tourists," external spectators who are not part of the conversation. Through the tourist's viewpoint, even if it contains foreignness and innocence, the senses and attention are sharpened.


Through actions and work-related conversations, it is examined whether a shared performative encounter can serve as a tool to change paradigms. Moses shapes the relationships between the internal and the external, the local and the foreign, the familiar and the museum, daily reality and political imagination. Within the museum, participants are invited to dwell in a fantastical space, to imagine a different reality or themselves as others. The imagined space hints at the possibility of navigating through and beyond conflicts and, at times, intensely experiencing reality and sharpening the physical connection to the here and now. Mozes' work connects to a series of works in which the personal encounters the political and the public, blurring the boundaries between them.

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