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Hide and Seek


Single video channel,

Full HD,

3:42 min. 

Hide and Seek is the first video in a series of three videos made in Weimar's old prison.

In 2015 Weimar's old prison was abandoned. The prisoners and wardens moved to a new location outside the city. When I saw the place it’s was no longer functioning, but everything was still in the place.  I stood in the space and I wondered about the life that was here until a moment ago. I wanted to learn what I couldn't imagine.

I invited a group of children from Weimar to play hide and seek around the prison. In this game the children have to hide within the boundaries of the agreed area, one chosen player counting with eyes closed, standing in one place – “home base”, while the other players hide. When the seeker finish his counting, he calls "Ready or not, here I come!" and go searching for the hiding kids while they are watch him from their hiding places and build a strategy to stand in the “home base” and win the game.

 In the work "Hide and Seek" the space fulfills its role in the game and allows places of hiding and protection, the children run, jump, claim, encounter, push and use the walls. While they play and explore the space they draw wild lines of movement from the cells and out of the cells, from the past into the present. Capturing and being captured.

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