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I'm not afraid of falling down


Full HD,

single video channel – no sound

3min 36sec

It’s not my place, I’m not belong here, I’m not familiar with the culture, I don’t speak the language, but once in a while I wandered if my great parents were here before me, in the past. 


One day, I decided to walk the long moody way from my flat in Weimar to Buchenwald camp,  as I walked, I was sure I heard  voices, people spoke to me, calling my name

“Maayan, Maayan! Maayan!”


The past emerges into the present and dissipates again like a storytelling.

This video shows me moving in Bus number 6, a regular bus that is used daily in Weimar city, Germany. Its final station is the concentration camp Buchenwald.

I use my body as a tool to explore my belonging to the place I’m in. By using my body weight, I prevent myself from falling down on my way to Buchenwald.

Sequence 04_edited.jpg


Sequence 04.Still003.jpg
Sequence 04_edited_edited.jpg
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