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Chase is the second video in a series of three videos made in Weimar's old prison.        

After the first Video, Hide and Seek, I became interested in the outside spaces of the prison, the yard.

It was summer time and the grass around the prison yard was green and glowing thanks to the direct summer sun. It grew wild and free without anyone cutting it down or taking care of. Of course under those circumstances all I wanted is to run free.

I thought: Freedom is the other side of the prison.

I invited a group of children from Weimar to play Tag in the prison yard. Tag is a playground game involving two or more players chasing other players in an attempt to "tag" and mark them out of play, usually by touching with a hand. The video follows the children jumping, running, shouting, laughing, using their bodies freely in prison yard.

 "Mais a-t-il dit c'est justement pour ca qu'on vous met en prison. Comment, pour ca? Mais, oui la liberté c'est ca. On vous prive de la liberté. " Je n'ai jamais pensé à cela. Je l'ai approuvé: "C'est vrai, lui ai-je dit, où serait la punition?

L'Étranger, Albert Camus 

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